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Providing golf services to Southern Maryland


Grip Change $2.00 We'll remove your old grip and under laying grip tape, then replace with fresh grip tape and the grip of your choice. Our in-store available selection is top notch!

Shorten Shaft $10.00 We can remove the existing grip, cut the shaft to the desired length, and replace a grip. Note removing sizable portions of shafts can affect the flex.

Groove Sharpening $10.00 We'll clean your club of all dirt and use our sharpening tool to regroove your wedges. We typically only regroove wedges, but will also service 7-9 irons.

Grip Save/Regrip $5.00 If you need to save a grip, for either a shaft replace/repair or maybe a new club, we can safely remove the grip from the current shaft and reuse at your discretion.

Shaft Replace $15.00 Break a shaft? We can replace it with one of your choice, same day turn around based upon availability.

Club Specs - Full Set $30.00 We'll spec out each club in your set to get shaft frequency, swing weight, lies & lofts, and lengths. Note that we cannot spec lie/lofts for woods and hybrids.

Club Reglue $10.00 Club head come off, but the shaft isn't broken? We can epoxy them back together and have you on your way. Same day turn around available.

Shaft Extension $20.00 We'll remove your grip, epoxy an extension, trim it to desired length, and replace the grip. Note sizable extensions can affect shaft flex.

Club Fitting $50.00+ See below Fitting Form for more details.

Request a Club Fitting

Fittings are priced at $50 per 30 minutes and scheduled according to fitting needs.


Fitting Examples:

  • If you know you only want to demo Mizuno drivers, a typical fitting will be ~30 minutes.  

  • If you are looking to try multiple brands of irons, the fitting may last up to ~60 minutes. 

  • If you want a full set fitting (driver, irons, and wedges), the fitting may last up to ~90 minutes. 

What type of fitting are you interested in? (Can choose more than one)
What brand are you most excited to hit?
Preferred fitting time (Can choose more then one):
Are you left or right handed?
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