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Maryland Flag Wedge.JPG

Flag Wedge

Maryland Crab Wedge.JPG

Crab Wedge

Maryland M Wedge.JPG

"M" Wedge

Fill out the form below to preorder your custom Maryland wedges.  Choose your desired loft(s).  Select the shaft flex(s) and design(s).  We will follow up with an email and invoice.  Your order will be confirmed upon invoice payment.

1 for $200

2 for $350

3 for $500

Shafts (KBS Custom Wedge Series), Ferrules, and Grips will all be Standard in sizing and colors may vary. Above Par will match heads, to ferrules, to shafts, and grips as best we can. We look forward to putting these custom builds in your hands as soon as possible! Preorders are being accepted through July 31st.  Our expected turn around time is 6-8 weeks after the preorder sale.  

Choose Your Loft(s)
Choose Your Shaft Flex(s)
Choose Your Design(s)
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