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  • Do you have food and drinks?
    Yes...... and no. We do offer alcohol on site and small snacks are also available to be purchased. But we do not offer prepared or cooked food. Guests are invited to bring their own food or provide their own catering during an event.
  • Do you do fittings and lessons?
    Yes! We have a PGA Teaching Professional and multiple other experts ready to assist you in all your club fitting and teaching needs. We also offer Youth Camps and various other events throughout the year to help all skill levels from beginners to pros! For further details you can visit
  • Can you regrip and repair my clubs and shafts?
    Yes! We have a fully capable Pro Shop, offering all levels of repairs and replacements. We keep a fully stocked grip selection and numerous shafts on hand for quick repairs. Grip changes are typically same day turn around and most other repairs are less than 48 hours (unless parts need to be ordered). If you have specific questions, please email for further assistance.
  • Do your simulators give me my swing data?
    Yes! Our simulators capture a multitude of metrics for each swing; including club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, club path through impact, and more! Ask how we can add spin tape to the balls to work on fine tuning your spin rates as well. To book your simulator head here for availability
  • How much does 18 holes of golf cost?
    A misconception of the simulators is how the golf is played, while we do offer 30+ different famous courses to be played, you can also hit the range, compete in competitions, play fun games, and even play other sports on one of the simulators. For this reason, we charge by the hour, the standard rate is $80 an hour for up to 10 people. We offer discounts for singles (50% off rental) and doubles (25% off rental). Larger parties can reach out to for details on full facility rentals.
  • How much do you charge to run a tournament?
    Each tournament is different and we cater to each customer accordingly. We run events from as small as 8 players, all the way up to 120+ players, and for all different reasons. Events held for fun with no beneficiaries usually incur a flat fee, while events being held to raise funds tend to have cost tied to the size, desired funds raised, tournament extras, etc. For tournament scenarios and to find out what your event would cost, please reach out to
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